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Our Team
Luna-CeovelliLuna Ceovelli is a knowledgeable healer and practitioner who is passionate about helping people to grow, connect, detoxify, and get energized. She is thrilled to have joined the team at Pure Light with Bio Rejuvenation Therapy.

Luna grew up on the Island of Salt Spring where she was exposed to a myriad of healing modalities from a young age. She has always held a keen interest in health and wellness but it was not until she became unwell herself in 1999 that her interest became a personal mission.

Through her journey back to homeostasis and health Luna met several extraordinary practitioners whoʼs commitment to their patients made the crucial difference between dis-ease and wellness. Luna had the great honor to work with several of these practitioners and doctors as an administrator at an alternative Vancouver Medical office for several years. From there she went on to work with a self proclaimed ʻrebel bio chemistʼ and revolutionary thinker in the field of Orthomolecular Medicine. These experiences have served to richen Lunaʼs understanding and commitment to helping others on their path to wellness.

“It has been exciting to see people achieving such wonderful results with the foot detox Bio Rejuvenation therapies. Long held chronic issues have been receiving relief and I have seen some skin issues resolve completely. Notably, I had a patient whoʼs arthritis disappeared after his second treatment in the foot spa. I love that this treatment is non-invasive and easy to fit into the daily schedule while giving the cells a much needed energy boost.” – Luna Ceovelli


Initial series of three sessions $135
Individual sessions thereafter $45
Package of five treatments $211
Package of ten treatments $399