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Do you have basal cell carcinoma?

Beyond the standard client testimonials, we at Purelight are featuring a more intimate account from our client base. So many of us harbour insecurities regarding appearance, it is imperative to remember that we share collectively in these experiences. You are not alone! As well, it is reassuring to witness how everyday folks transcend these difficulties.



We are humbled to present the journey of our client Sandra Skinner.

Sandra, like many children who grew up before sun damage awareness, spent summers at the beach with her family from age 8 to 17. She recalls “the scent of Coppertone” as a childhood memory. Of course, the role of low SPF was used only to prevent severe sun burns and enhance the tanning effect. Sandra later increased her sun exposure from the ages of 19 to 30. As she laments, “It was the thing to do. Having tans in the 80’s was so popular.” She openly admits to using NO sun protection during this time frame.

Fast forward to her new personal mantra “Pale is the New Tan!”

Sandra courageously battled basal cell skin cancer and is currently recovered from her ordeal.

What began as a small, bright red pimple, like spot on her forehead, actually manifested into 50 stitches and a 10 hour surgery.

Her initial dermatologist removed the red spot with cryosurgery, leaving a nickel size scar. It was over five months later that she had her next procedure to remove the remaining cancer. She braved the surgery awake under local anesthesia. Her scarring is now barely detectable.

Sandra encourages everyone to check in on their skin health and use proper sunscreen! A gentle reminder that sun damage is cumulative and what seems like a benign spot should also be paid attention to.

We at Purelight Laser Skin + Body Clinic would like to thank Ms. Skinner for sharing her story.

This article was written by Pure Light Clinic