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Side Effects of Drying Out Your Acne

Many people try to dry out their acne if they feel that oil is causing the issue, instead of balancing out their oil glands. But drying out your acne can cause many issues – and in the long term, you will want that oil to keep your skin looking youthful!

It is important to treat your oil glands with care. If you dry out your skin, the oil tries to get to the surface, and gets stuck there. When the oil gets stuck, it starts to congest, causing milia, black heads, or pimples, and often creates even more acne.

ZO Medical TE-Pads

If you do not use skincare products with caution and proper guidance, you may create additional problems for yourself. Side effects of improperly used skincare products often include sensitive and dry skin, as well as extreme redness.

Having a bit of dryness from an acne line for two to three weeks is okay, but if it continues for months it is truly something you need to avoid.

Introducing a product slowly is the best choice if you are not sure how your skin will react. For example, if you purchase an exfoliator, start by using it every two days, rather than every day, depending on the percentage of the peel.

Balancing your oil glands is simple with proper guidance, and it may be best to get a consult with a skin expert before purchasing acne products over the counter

ZO® Medical has pure salicylic acid pads called Offects® TE-Pads that will exfoliate and calm acne without drying out the skin. ZO® Medical also offers an enzyme peel called INVISAPEEL that is great for exfoliating extremely sensitive skin. These products can be purchased at Pure Light Laser Skin + Body Clinic, and other clinics in Vancouver.

If, after three weeks, you are still experiencing extreme dryness, ease off on the product you are using and contact a skin specialist for guidance.

This article was written by Pure Light Laser