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Good Skin from Within

This is a guest post from Christie Lohr, founder of Style Nine to Five and a fashion industry dynamo.

When it comes to skin issues, primarily acne, the first thing we think about is how we can treat it or what products we can use to heal it. While most people are quick to assume acne is caused by external factors (too much makeup, stress, and pollution to name a few) what many people don’t know is that most acne issues start from within.

Christie-Lohr_Pure-LightYour acne could be rooted from an allergy to something you’re eating, poor digestive tract health (poor gut health) or hormone imbalances. Waking up to unwanted acne is your body telling you something is off.

I have both hormone (hypothyroidism) and gut issues, which were caused by taking too many antibiotics for my acne in my 20s, not to mention I was also taking birth control which played a huge role in negatively affecting my gut heath. Combined, these issues make it hard for me to digest food and have worsened my current food allergies.

Over time, I’ve learned that the greatest remedy is managing your skin both inside and out and that it’s possible to reduce acne by treating gut issues. While a common solution for healing your gut is taking a probiotic, this, unfortunately, doesn’t work for me and is too hard on my system due to previous damage.

While I’m constantly trying my best to manage these issues, I’ve found what works best for me is Photo-facials from Pure Light Laser, which has helped me overcome my troublesome red acne marks.

If you struggle with red acne marks and an uneven skin tone, I recommend setting up an appointment with Rita at Pure Light Laser. This is where I learned about IPL (also known as a Photo-facial), and it’s completely changed my life.

This laser acne treatment has not only cleared up my red acne marks, which were caused from years of cystic acne, it has also erased years of sun damage and freckles, broken capillaries, reduced my pore size, and above all, it’s improved my skin tone and texture.

As the founder and CEO of Style Nine to Five (Canada’s premier fashion career site), I like to leave my house looking and feeling my best. And because of Pure Light Laser this is possible!

Image by Brooklyn D. Photography.

This article was written by Pure Light Laser