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How I Cured My Adult Acne & Got Rid of Scarring

Kris, a client at Pure Light Laser, talks about how she dealt with her adult acne and how Fractional Laser Treatments helped her to reduce scarring.

I would take my makeup off at night and cry. Going to bed was the worst part of the day for me because I knew I had to remove my mask and show my boyfriend my inflamed skin. My adult acne was stopping me from living my life and feeling beautiful.

There are many factors that cause adult acne but when you’re in the trenches with bad skin, the cycle of breakouts never seem to end. My acne started when I was 25 years old, and it popped up literally out of the blue. The funny thing is during my teenage years my skin was pretty clear and I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world, until I reached my mid twenties and I started to really feel stress within.

After about a year of battling with my mindset, trying to focus on “clear skin” and push away the feelings of hating myself and the way I looked, I finally caved and saw a naturopath who put me on a new diet, some nasty tasting drops and told me to learn to meditate. I did as she said and didn’t notice much of a change…I still felt like the worthless ugly girl.

One night as I cried to my boyfriend over my bad skin he looked at me and said “What do you think it is that is REALLY causing your acne?” My insides started to scream as if my soul was finally given permission to talk. “I feel trapped. I feel like a prisoner in my own body.”

My acne, the redness and all the pitted scarring that had started to develop kept me in hiding. I never wanted to go out in daylight to see and meet new people and I felt as if no one would take me seriously because of my low self esteem due to the bumps on my cheeks. If you’re dealing with adult acne, I’m sure you can relate to the feeling that I had for seven years of my life, hoping no one looked me in the eye when speaking to me, especially in daylight. I would spend all my spare time watching YouTube videos on “How to clear adult acne” or “How to cover adult acne” and it was taking over my life. Every television episode I watched I was obsessed with how clear people’s skin was and I would feel a sinking feeling within almost like I was hopeless in life and never had a chance at clearing my adult acne.

Over the years of battling with my breakouts I learned a lot! I learned the importance of a healthy diet, drinking water, calming the mind and self love.

The turning point for me in my adult acne journey was when someone I had met at an event asked me if I was seeing anyone for my skin. I wanted to die right there in front of everyone. Of course I knew that my skin was in pain, but did she have to point it out for everyone to see?! This day turned my life around. I knew I had control over my wellbeing and health. As I said, there are a lot of factors that play a roll in skin issues; for me it was food allergies, hormones and lack of self love.

You’re probably wondering how on earth lacking confidence and self love could cause adult acne?! I was given a book called You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, and I fell in love with her words and started to embrace everything she was saying would cause skin issues. She believes that lack of confidence and fear of being seen causes these painful breakouts on our faces. I knew this felt right to me because I wasn’t experiencing breakouts anywhere else on my body, just my face: the part of me everyone could see the most!

I got to the point where I started to look deep within to see where I was hurting the most and where I held back. I started to pull the hair out of my face and look at the scarring and bumps as a lesson that I could learn from and I would recite the affirmations that I was told to say to myself and things started to click. The pain I had been feeling within of being small and weak started to diminish and my energy and confidence started to shine more and it was easy for me to talk to people about my skin issues and help other people and get the help I needed.

Between rebuilding my confidence and self love, I omitted wheat, dairy and sugars, and followed the diet that was best for me and my skin.

The nagging issue I was still faced with was the pitted, red scarring all over my cheeks. I was referred by a great friend to have a consultation with Rita Moldovanos at Pure Light Laser in Vancouver, to see how she could help my uneven skin. Instantly I KNEW this is where I need to be and who I was going to trust to help me heal my skin. Rita was true, authentic and real with the steps, products and treatments I needed to help me feel gorgeous again.

To my amazement, by the time I was 32 years old my skin was 95% clear (breakouts were sporadic during my period), and my scarring is well on the way to being even and smooth again!

Rita has been my angel. When I first saw her she suggested that I go on the ZO Medical Cebatrol facne pads and ZO Medical Oilacleanse face wash to keep my skin clear. Within weeks my old acne scars and redness started to fade!

I desperately wanted to get rid of my acne scarring so I could finally feel what it was like to go without a full face of makeup. Rita gave me some amazing and fast acting solutions. Living in Vancouver there are many laser centres around; however, you want to make sure you are dealing with the best and working with someone who really understands acne and how to heal it. Rita is the lady you are looking for!

I was told to come in for a couple fractional laser treatments which boosts the collagen below the scars and will smooth out old acne scars naturally. After my first treatment at Pure Light Laser my skin was radically different. I have been able to go without makeup and my skin is so much more evenly toned. I feel like a new women and all areas of my life have changed since I was able to heal my adult acne and my acne scars with help from Rita at Pure Light Laser!

I’m still on my way to smoothing out all of my scars, but I can tell you that I am beyond happy with the results I have already seen from my treatments.

My advice to you if you’re ready to cure your adult acne and heal your scarring is to be open to getting the help you need and doing it naturally. Skin is amazing and it’s showing you that you need to check within and figure out why you’re experiencing breakouts. If you’re like I was, fed up with looking at ugly scars in the mirror, and you’re in the Vancouver area, check out Rita at Pure Light Laser! She’ll help you heal your acne. To her, I am forever grateful…



This article was written by Pure Light Laser