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Be Good to Your Skin: Make Microdermabrasion a Regular Thing


Sunny Shum is the Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger for Shut Up I Love This. This article was originally posted on Shut Up I Love This on September 29, 2013.

Did you know that September is “National Skin Care” month? Most people don’t and in honor of National Skin Care month, I’m going to take the opportunity to talk about the importance of skin care. I’m in my late 30’s and I regret the fact that I never looked after my skin when I was younger. I sun bathed without protection and I was a frequent customer at the tanning salons. In addition, I also battled with problematic acne and today as an adult I am still battling with it. I now know better and I am taking precautions when it comes to my skin.

A friend of mine recommended that I go speak with Rita Moldovanos at the Pure Light Laser Skin and Body Clinic. I knew going in that there was no over night miracle cure. Upon meeting Rita for the first time I immediately felt comfortable. She was very approachable and was easy to talk to. During my first consultation we isolated the 3 most concerning things about me skin: 1) Sun spots and discoloration, 2) Acne scarring and 3) Cystic acne. Rita recommended different types of treatments like photo facials and fractional treatments but these would have to happen in stages, (which I’ll be writing about in some later articles). However, the first thing she suggested we do was a microdermabrasion!

I had a lot of congestion and dry skin build up on my face and the Diamond Peel Medical-Grade Mircodermabrasion System really helped clear it up by removing the topmost layer of my skin. The Diamond Peel’s diamond tip wand uses a particle-free method that can yield greater results with less down time. The wand tip is made of natural diamond chips that polishes the skin and removes dead skin cells, which are then vacuumed up through the wand. It pretty much feels like a miniature vacuum gliding along your skin with some light to medium scratching (which does not hurt and is completely safe). My face looked really red and flushed immediately after and I wasn’t able to wear any make up for about 24 hours (unless it was mineral based make up). I think everyone may have slightly different experiences, but for myself, I needed at least 36 hours of down time until the redness and tenderness of my skin subsided.

In about 24 – 36 hours I saw immediate results with the texture of my skin. It was softer, smoother and cleaner with just the one treatment. Because you are removing dead skin, it also aids in the penetration of skincare products by up to 50% and with a more even surface to work with, my make up application went on smoother as well. I myself have a lot of skin damage that needs to be reversed and since seeing Rita back in June; the treatments have definitely made a visible difference. I now go back regularly, under Rita’s guidance to have microdermabrasions. I think it is something that should become a part of your regular skin regime to help minimize sun damage, age spots, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and reduce pore sizes.

Sunny Shum

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This article was written by Pure Light Laser