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My Skin Philosophy: An Anti-aging Skin Care Treatment Guide

DCL’s high potency “C” scape is a serum that promotes even skin tone and stimulates collagen production.

There is a lot of misleading information about the skin care industry. Here are a few tips about the science of anti-aging treatments to help you decide on the products and treatments that are best for you.

Too many companies have developed skin care products that mask skin issues or only treat the skin on the surface, doing little to help deeper issues. The industry sees how clients want instant gratification, but are short-term fixes truly what clients want? I believe most clients want lasting, visible results.

profoundly effective “A” by DCL delivers a healthy dose of Vitamin A to help combat signs of aging.

At age 30, your skin’s cellular function slows. The cells in the dermis start to get lazy and you begin to show slight signs of aging, depending on genetics and sun damage. When the cells start to get lazy and you see those signs, do not reach for a heavy moisturizer — you can apply moisturizer 8 times a day and it wont solve the issue! Over-moisturizing can cause the cells to go to sleep completely, making matters worse.

If you truly want to improve your skin, you need to restore the normal function of the cells. You need to go down to the dermis and activate the cells, as if you were turning back the clock to when you were 25. Lazy skin cells are like a bunch of lazy workers that would rather chill by a pool than look after their duties–you need to wake them up, shake them up, and get them to focus on he job they are meant to do!

Vitamin A, Vitamin C and AHA Glycolic Acid awaken skin cells and restore their ability to regenerate and renew themselves. High concentrations are needed to keep the skin vital, healthy and youthful, but you should see improvements to your skin in only three weeks. Two products I often recommend are profoundly effective “A” and high potency “C” scape by DCL.

Anti-aging skin care is something that almost anyone over the age of 30 looks for. Unfortunately, the products carried by department stores and spas are often designed to treat only the superficial effects of aging. Before making your next skincare purchase, ask yourself: how is the industry evolving, and is it truly delivering what it says it will?

Seasonal Tip: If you want to prep your skin for the winter months and heated indoor air, don’t forget to exfoliate the dead skin cells that have accumulate at the surface!

Pure Light Laser Skin & Body Clinic offers a free skin care guide that may save you a lot of money. Before stopping into the cosmetics aisle next time, let Rita Moldovanos guide you the truthful way–with years of experience and proven methods.

This article was written by Pure Light Laser