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Pores Gone Wild

Pro-Derm Micro-Peel MasqueMany clients have asked me: What are the best methods to prevent pores from getting larger or to reduce pore size?

If you want to prevent pores from getting larger, the best option is to first keep your pores clean with a Glycolic Acid, Vitamin A or Salicylic Acid treatment, such as the Pro-Derm Micro-Peel Masque (pictured left). If you have issues with blackheads, try to have them extracted every two to three months with a Microdermabrasion facial that includes extractions.

If your pores are already large and you want to reduce pore size, the best treatment is by Fractional Laser. It works by heating the skin and stimulating collagen to fill in the pores. The process takes 2-4 treatments to be fully effective, and depending how large an area it is, starts at $125 a treatment

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