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Show Your Ingrown Hairs Who’s Boss

Ingrown HairsIs there a longterm solution for ingrown hairs?

Both men and woman can suffer from ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs happen when hair gets stuck below the surface of the skin and resorts to curling back beneath the skin. It may not cause any irritation to the top layer of the skin, but in some cases it can cause deep scarring, pigmentation and infections.

As with blackheads, people are often told that scrubs will help to prevent ingrown hairs – but in many cases this is not enough. Often, skin needs a deeper exfoliation than a scrub can offer, because the lipids in the hair follicle are holding on to dead skin.

The proven solution is to treat pores that are prone to ingrown hairs with AHA Glycolic. Glycolic acid works by going deep into the pores to loosen up dead skin. Cleaning pores with AHA Glycolic at least three times a week will loosen up the bond in the hair follicle, allowing dead skin to come off more easily.

Ingrown hairs in an advanced state of infection or scarring are better treated by a combination of AHA Glycolic and laser hair removal. After six laser hair removal treatments, the problematic hairs will usually have been eradicated. Laser hair removal treatments must be done six weeks apart, and during the treatment it is advised that you use AHA Glycolic to prevent new ingrown hairs.

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