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Specialized Kinesiology Treatments

How can Specialized Kinesiology Help

Chronic Pain and Stress Reduction

Specialized Kinesiology allows you to unlock your self-healing powers by tapping into the body’s innate wisdom and how it wants to begin the healing process. Chronic pain and stress cause imbalances in your body. Balance is brought back into your life by identifying your stressors including physical, mental, emotional, and biochemical. Stressors can really be anything and are unique to each individual; it is often how you think, how you live and how you eat. Your stressors can be issues that you deal with everyday or something traumatic from your past.

Once we have identified the stressor, and the symptoms, corrections are determined and rechecked to confirm balance in the body. The number of sessions will depend on the issue.

Balancing Brain Chemistry

To achieve total mental and physical health, your brain’s neurotransmitters need to be in proper balance. In this treatment session we test for neurotransmitter dominance, as each one of us has one dominant neurotransmitter and this largely determines our temperament and personality. Each neurotransmitter has a lobe of the brain that it is associated with. When a person has an imbalance in his or her neurotransmitters, particularly his or her dominant one, a host of symptoms, both physical and mental can result. After testing for neurotransmitter dominance, we balance it and the remaining neurotransmitters to optimize brain integration and function.

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