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Great News for Allergy Sufferers

Have you ever eaten a food or tried a new cosmetic, only to discover a rash right away or after a few applications? Have you ever eaten something and felt completely drained of energy? If you have, then you may have an allergy.

Ann Liden Specialized Kinesiologist

Allergy symptoms come in many forms and can affect any part of the body. Through simple and gentle muscle testing, Specialized Kinesiology Practitioner Ann Liden can determine what your allergy is and begin to correct it.

Sometimes we can tolerate a certain amount of a food or product before we experience a reaction. This type of reaction is called an intolerance. It is important to learn how much you can eat or apply before you have a reaction. This is where you may find it beneficial to rotate foods in your diet, to give your body a rest from the foods or products that you are intolerant to.

There are many benefits to learning and managing what you are allergic to:

  • Increased energy
  • Improved digestion
  • Weight loss
  • Healthy skin
  • Better moods
  • Better sleep
  • Improved Immune System functioning
  • Eat the foods you have been missing in your diet

Using the methods from Specialized Kinesiology, testing allergies and desensitizing you to your allergens is easy, simple and quick. No needles or drugs.

Ann will check for allergies to inhalants, ingestants, contactants, injectants, infectants, physical agents, genetic factors, mould and fungi, and emotional stressors. Sometimes there are emotions connected to allergies, and they will be released at the time of treatment.


Ann Liden previously worked as a Medical Laboratory Technologist for twenty years at Children’s Hospital, and later at the Cancer Agency of British Columbia. Now, Ann helps clients to be happier and healthier from the inside out.

This article was written by Pure Light Laser