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How to Get a Porcelain Complexion

This is a guest post from Christie Lohr, founder of Style Nine to Five and a fashion industry dynamo.

Flawless skin is a lot easier to achieve these days thanks to new technology in lasers. There really isn’t a skin issue you can’t fix! Lasers allow us to get that porcelain poreless complexion that’s become the newest beauty obsession.

People are always commenting on my skin’s glow. What moisturizers do you use? What foundation do you use? Unless I have an event or am going on camera, I don’t wear foundation and I rarely put on moisturizer as it can cause acne flareups. IPL and 1540 Fractional are what have given me the complexion I have.


IPL has been game changing for me. It’s completely erased my sun damage and freckles, broken capillaries, reduced my pore size and cleared up my acne red marks from years of cystic acne, leaving me with even an even skin tone and texture.

Downtime: None

1540 FRACTIONALchristie-lohr

The 1540 Fractional is non-ablative, meaning everything is done underneath the skin so there is little downtime. It’s used for fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, scar improvement, brown spots, melasma, skin tightening and overall skin quality improvement.

In my 20s, I never really thought about the consequences of continual sun exposure, as my main concern was to maintain a glowing tan at all times. Over the past two years, I’ve begun to notice the formation of deep lines around my chest area. Today, I can confidently attribute the line formation to all the years I spent sun tanning, and the subsequent burns that I received. While I suppose the overall change in my skin was not necessarily noticeable to anyone else but me, I still couldn’t help but feel insecure about it. I felt a lot more hesitant when choosing tops that showed off too much of my upper chest area, and I’m sure that this is something that many women in their 30s can relate to.

Rather than continue to deal with my insecurities regarding the sun damage, I decided to seek out a more permanent and immediate solution than the typical lotion or cream treatments. After hearing about a non-invasive treatment known as 1540 Fractional Laser, I decided to go to Pure Light Laser, where the treatment is offered, for a consultation. Essentially, light energy from the laser helps to activate the skin’s natural collagen, stimulating the cells just below the skin’s surface, which works to smooth out any lines or creases. While I still had initial reservations, what sold me on the treatment was the fact that it really only targets designated spots, which in this case was my chest area, and results were immediate.

Downtime: There is about a week of downtime, where your skin will work to repair and rebuild. Your skin will be a bit red and super sensitive to sunlight for at least one week.


Now! Fall/ winter really is the best time to get it done, as you’ll be bundled up anyways! It’s best to do this when your skin isn’t tanned.

This article was written by Pure Light Laser